Chrissy Stokes


Phoenix Music Group newcomer Chrissy is not only breathtakingly
beautiful, but she is an emerging superstar as a singer, songwriter and
actress that is about to take Hollywood by storm! A child of tinsel town
since the day she was born, her father is music producer, screen writer,
director, Chris Stokes. But Chrissy didn’t discover her passion for singing
and acting until the age of 11. She landed her first paid acting job on the
TNT Drama Series ‘Southland’ opposite Emmy Award winning actress
Regina King. In 2019, Chrissy got the opportunity to showcase her acting
and singing talents on screen when she landed the lead role in the series
“Howard High.” The show is airing on the new streaming service Urbanflix
and production on Season 1(a) starts early 2021.

Chrissy displayed her singing talents in a major way with the release of her
first single titled, ‘Relax’, which released late 2020. The song is available
on all major music streaming platforms and playing on all major radio
stations across America. She is currently the first artist of 2021 to be
crowned iHeart radios on the verge new artist! ‘Relax’ is written by Chrissy
and produced by T Black. The song is a love song to her husband…

“All women can relate to their man working hard and never slowing down.
When my husband comes home, I always tell him to relax and let me show
you how much your family appreciates you. I think it’s a universal message
and it shouts out the good men out their working to provide for their
families,” says Chrissy

Chrissy’s sound has been compared to H.E.R. and Snoh Aalegra. It’s an
R&B flow with a soulful twist. The music takes you back to the 90’s R&B
era, but adds a modern flare of this generation’s music. An original
California girl, Chrissy was born in Upland, California. She was exposed to
the industry at birth and she loved growing up watching her dad in the
studio or on the set of a movie. Now with a budding singing and acting
career, she’s finally living her dream! When Chrissy isn’t working, she’s
vlogging on her new make-up tutorial page on YouTube with her best
friend Miya Houston. She enjoys hip-hop dancing and exercising. She’s
also a new mom and loves spending time with her ten-month-old son, her
husband and their two dogs.

Chrissy resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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